Lighthouse Central Florida

Charting a course for Living, Learning and Earning with vision loss – this is Lighthouse Central Florida at its core!

Since 1976, Lighthouse Central Florida has provided education, independent life skills and job training and placement to more than 100,000 people with sight impairment and their families. But it's not just people with sight impairment who benefit; the entire community benefits through the productive contributions of skilled Lighthouse Central Florida graduates.

About Lighthouse's Early Intervention Program

Many parents feel that a diagnosis of blindness or vision impairment for their child is a punch to the stomach. Most are left feeling hopeless and uninspired in the thoughts of their child’s future and milestones from infancy to adulthood. Many questions arise including, “How do we deal with this?” “How will our child grow, learn, engage with the world?” Lighthouse Central Florida’s Early Intervention program is a true beacon of light within the darkness a parent may feel during these difficult times.

Early Intervention services are provided to children from birth to age five (5). Services are provided to the child and family in the child’s home, day care, school, neighborhood or center-based setting. Learning is structured to maximize the visual and developmental progress of each child.

Early Intervention services are critical in preventing unnecessary developmental delays due to vision impairment. Children and families served in the Early Intervention program are empowered to participate in and benefit from activities in the home, community and school setting. Family participation in the development and delivery of the service plan is an essential component of the Early Intervention program.

See the impact early intervention services have on children and their families by watching the video below.

Experience first hand the Herba family's journey with Lighthouse Central Florida's Early Intervention program and meet Zeke!